Top Tips for aromatherapy oils in the Home

The olfactory sense has long been thought to have a deep association with human memory and the mind. Aromatherapy is a branch of holistic medicine that intends to employ this association, in conjunction with essential oils and other fragrant plant-based materials, to improve people's overall health, emotional well-being, and levels of stress and anxiety.  It is believed that a combination of the impact on the brain of aroma, and the psychopharmacology or pharmacology of essential oils themselves brings about this effect.  Aromatherapy oils are now widely available and have come to be used in a great array of holistic disciplines.

It is because aromatherapy oils, like peppermint oil, eucalyptus oils, jasmine and others, are potent and powerful that reasonable caution should be observed when using them.  Aromatherapy oils are often used largely undiluted. Some undiluted oils can cause irritation.  Such oils are typically diluted with less caustic oil before use on the skin.  Some aromatherapy oils can be ingested for aromatherapeutic reasons; however, most aromatherapy practitioners do not recommend self-dosing with them.  Some oils can be toxic to people and animals, with a special concern about cats.