Unhealthy Habits

We all have unhealthy habits which we need to change. Those unhealthy habits brings out the negative side of us.

Here are some examples of bad habits that I see everyday and do sometimes. Hehehehe.

Bad Habit: Eating junk foods. According to Wikipedia, junk foods are foods which are perceived to have little or no nutritional value, or to products with nutritional value but which also have ingredients considered unhealthy when regularly eaten, or to those considered unhealthy to consume at all.

Solution: Eat sandwiches with mayo or fruits instead of junk food. Another alternative are peanuts. Healthy and nutritious. I think, it's OK to eat junk foods once a week. After eating, be sure to drink plenty of water or fruit juices.

Bad Habit: Sleep late. Yeah, this is my weekdays bad habit. I'm already used to it. My everyday sleep is only 6 hours & 30 minutes.
Solution: Be sure to sleep 8-12 hours a day. It's up to you if you will sleep regularly.

Bad Habit: Not exercising. Because of busy schedule and workdays, I do not have time for exercise. That's why, with a simple stretching or physical activity, I feel weak.
Solution: Give time for exercise. Do some simple exercises like jumping jack and jogging. 30minutes may be enough if you are a busy one.

Bad Habit: Eating Late. I don't eat on time because I watch TV first.
Solution: Before doing anything, make sure to eat your meal first because skipping meals may cause ulcer.

January 12, 2010

Makeover for Dads

Our Dad is the most important "guy" for us, daughters. We know how they sacrificed for us, works for us, takes care of us, guides us, and loves us. Let's thank them by just doing this simple thing. Give them a makeover.

1. Take him for a haircut. Yeah, Dads are very busy that they do not have time for a haircut. Go with him to a barbershop and tell the hair stylist to give him the best look.

2. Give him a gift. Surprise him with a grooming kit with items like comb, nail cutter, mustache shave, gel, perfume, and towel. This will improve his personal grooming.

3. Treat him for a lunch. Go to your favorite restaurant and order his favorite foods. Enjoy your food while talking things about life.

4. Buy him a new pair of shoes. Give him something he can use in the office. I suggest to give him a pair of shoes. I'm sure he would like it. As what I've observed, my dad do not want accessories. That's why he only spend his money on clothes and shoes.

Shoes by Brian - Tenorio These adorable men’s shoes are made up of one piece of suede leather that is stitched once at its back. Brian has developed a way of not putting lining and forming agents to the skins. “What you have then are pairs that will mold to your feet’s contour, pairs that can be flattened completely when not worn (except for its rubber sole parts).” This is a huge spin from Brian’s usual black and neutral toned men’s footwear.

Thank him with by doing this simple things. I'm sure this will make him feel loved and special.

November 9, 2009

Have a Happy Feet!

Last week, I felt so stressed that's why I decided to go to the CANS (California Advanced Nail and Skin Care) salon for a foot spa. CANS is the first of its kind in Alabang area that caters to class A and B market. It is the only nail and skin care salon in the Philippines that follows the California State Board of Cosmetology Standards which basically denotes personalized and hygienic services. I'm glad, I'm the "early bird". I was the first customer and this was my first time. As usual, I grabbed a magazine - a cook book, I started reading recipes to avoid boredom.

I got curious and interested with what they're doing with my feet. So, I asked them how they do it, what to do first, etc. They discussed to me how and this is what I've learned. I now do this at home.

First, soak the feet in a warm water for at least 10 minutes. This will reduce the roughness of the skin. Adding epsom salts will help reduce the swelling of the ankles.

Second, use a foot file. Scrub your entire foot. This will brush the dead skin away. It also helps in removing the calluses making your foot softer and smoother.

Third, use a moisturizer or lotion for the feet. I use Body Shop's Peppermint Foot Lotion. This lotion is soothing, It gives a re-energizing feeling for tired or stressed feet. My feet feels like revived. Just apply it to your feet and ankles.

Fourth, apply nail polish on your toenails. It is an option if you want to paint your toes. Me, I don't. But if ever, I prefer to use a clear/transparent nail polish.

Now, I think it wouldn’t hurt in any way if I consider some help in getting my nails done. After all, this is what I need—a luxurious pampering after a stressful day in the office.

November 8, 2009

Pretty for Prom

For us, women, putting an ensemble together is a much celebrated ritual that demands style, creativity, and some cash of course. And so, to have an “attire” that is both beautifully designed and budget friendly, definitely makes the life of any fashion enthusiast, a little bit easier and a lot more glamorous. - Atavio Couture

Want to look glamorous in a prom night? Here are things to consider in preparing for your prom:

Tip#1: Shop as early as you can

I was invited to attend the prom before, when I was in high school. At first, I didn't worried about what to wear on that day. Until, only 1 day before the prom, I started to panic because I still haven't found the formal gown that I like. Yeah, I found the dress. I got home late and it made me tired. TSK!

You don't want that to happen to you, right? So shop early!

Tip#2: Buy a gown that will fit your body

Be sure to fit the gown before buying it. It is important that it would fit your size. If not, you're just wasting money. And at the end, you will look unprepared. Or maybe, you want it to be altered? Alteration of the gown will spend a lot of money. I'm sure, you would not want to spend more, right?

Tip#3: Complement the makeup with your gown
Wear a makeup that will complement the color of your gown. Ask your makeup artist about that. I'm sure they will consider first the color of the gown before applying the makeup.

November 7, 2009

Jewelries are Forever!

When I was a child, I am very kikay. That's why I am happy when I buy accessories. Of course, that time, I have no job yet because I am just 5 years old, so what I did is bought accessories which are sold in sari sari stores worth P5.00. Necklaces and bracelets often comes with candies, that made me happier.

Now that I am old enough, I know how to buy accessories that will match my skin tone. What I do is looked at the mirror to check what piece of jewelry suits me, if it's gold or silver. And I found out that my skin looks more vibrant in gold.

All of us has different skin tones. Before, I saw my Tita wearing a gold wedding jewelry - a necklace, on her wedding. She looked elegant with that necklace. On the other side, my sister's skin tone looks best when she wears a silver necklace. Necklaces should be worn depending on the type of skin tone.

November 4, 2009

The Ten Signs of Good Nutrition

I watched TV last time and I saw the Nido Commercial. I saw and heard their song about the ten signs of good nutrition for kids. Actually, for me, it's not just for kids. It's for everyone. It is important for us to stay healthy always. By the way, the mentioned ten signs are:

1. Adequate height and weight
2. Strong bones
3. Healthy skin
4. Good vision
5. Muscle development
6. Healthy teeth
7. Shiny hair
8. Strong and healthy fingernails
9. Good night sleep
10. Being aware and active

This is very helpful specially for moms.

Anyway, I changed the the television channel, I watched this makeup program wherein a makeup artist is using all pink for makeup. Pink lipstick, pink blush on, and pink eyeshadow. It is beautiful and very girly.

December 2, 2009

Sandals for Vacation!

I would tell you my experience about my search for the best pair of sandals. Hehehehe. :D
Last year, I went to our province - in Bicol for a vacation. When I heard about Bicol, all I think about is swimming. There are many beaches there. The entrance fee is very cheap. Swimming! That's what I always do first as soon as I arrive there. I am very excited! But before anything else, of course, the first thing to do is to prepare and to pack up my baggage. I have no slippers/sandals to bring. That's why I decided to go to Sta. Lucia Mall (a mall nearest to our place) to buy slippers/sandals. I passed by to a shoe store, Figlia. I saw a pair of sandals. It is really perfect and comfortable to wear in beaches! Thanks to Figlia!

I'm not yet tired that's why, I kept on walking. I got hungry so I bought an affordable but super yummy cupcake and juice to satisfy my hunger. As I was walking, I saw a wedding gown. It is really beautiful and a must have gown of a "soon to be married" woman. The color light gold of its ribbon and ruffles makes it more elegant. It is the most beautiful compared to the other gowns I saw.

December 1, 2009