Six Items Every Man Should Buy Right Now

Is It Necessary?

Given the amount of money that is spent on fashion, and how much of that is on items similar or the same as what we already own, having six key items means that you can then buy unique clothes to build outfit ideas around your central garments. The six items we will describe are supposed to be a starting point for your outfit ideas, not the only six things in your wardrobe!

The Shirt

Vintage is one of the key looks, and is certain to be throughout the next few years. With that in mind, you can invest in a good quality chambray shirt, with pocket and stitch detail if possible to really get the authentic look. If those fail to catch your eye, then an old school Oxford shirt from a store such as Topman will play the part equally well. Remember, if you are looking for true men’s style then the vintage look is better with the clothes well worn in.

The T-Shirt

With pastel colours being all the rage this summer, get yourself a simple, block colour t-shirt, either one colour or with two or three stripes. These are relatively cheap so if you need to get more than one, do so. Just make sure they are different!

Top Tips for aromatherapy oils in the Home

The olfactory sense has long been thought to have a deep association with human memory and the mind. Aromatherapy is a branch of holistic medicine that intends to employ this association, in conjunction with essential oils and other fragrant plant-based materials, to improve people's overall health, emotional well-being, and levels of stress and anxiety.  It is believed that a combination of the impact on the brain of aroma, and the psychopharmacology or pharmacology of essential oils themselves brings about this effect.  Aromatherapy oils are now widely available and have come to be used in a great array of holistic disciplines.

It is because aromatherapy oils, like peppermint oil, eucalyptus oils, jasmine and others, are potent and powerful that reasonable caution should be observed when using them.  Aromatherapy oils are often used largely undiluted. Some undiluted oils can cause irritation.  Such oils are typically diluted with less caustic oil before use on the skin.  Some aromatherapy oils can be ingested for aromatherapeutic reasons; however, most aromatherapy practitioners do not recommend self-dosing with them.  Some oils can be toxic to people and animals, with a special concern about cats. 

Beach tips for vacation

Summer is officially here! What will you eat during the Easter? Where will you spend the Easter day? Beaches will surely be full of people hanging around. Got a problem what to wear on beach? Don't want to expose much of your skin? Here are some tips:

1. Wear spaghetti strap tops. This will surely make you look sexy without exposing much of your skin. White tops are also allowed to be worn while swimming on most resorts.
2. Wear light colored short shorts made from light materials. Not too long, not too short yet still sexy.
3. If you still want to wear your bikini, you can wear a loose and see through clothing over it.

How to Lose Weight

Having trouble wearing swimsuit at the beach? Noticing that your pants get tighter each day? You're gaining weight! Maybe you have eaten foods that could make you fat or foods that will lead you to sleep (sleep contributes to gaining weight).

People have been doing a lot of effort just to lose weight. Some try every natural ways to lose weight but nothing happens. Maybe, they also can't stop themselves from eating.

Work Wardrobe for a fashionable look

Work wardrobe as everyday outfit is not that easy to put on style specially if you have only limited knowledge about fashion. Don't worry about it. Don't you know that there are many styles to you can do with several outfits? Brighten up your day and let others see and forget about what you wore yesterday or the other day. With these styles, no wonder that how you look today can be different on the other days.

- Wear a professional dress. Dress is a single outfit and it needs styling. Wear a crystal or gold colored belt and put it slightly above the waist. A wide belt or a thin belt will both look well with the dress. Make sure that the color of the belt will not contrast the color of the dress. I prefer wearing black or white belt or a belt with the same color of the shoes.

Dangle earrings

I and my friend usually go to malls after office hours. We passed by to a lechon food restaurant. Since we are both hungry, we ate in that restaurant. After satisfying our hunger, we decided to have a stroll at the mall. After a long time of strolling, I noticed earrings with feather designs. I said, "It was beautiful and stylish!". It really was.

For me, feather dangles are one of the stylish earrings. Its feathery design gives a light feeling for the ears. And it is available in different colors. It is very unique. And it is in this summer season. Pefect to wear in beaches, malls, and even at home. And I also suggest that it should also be worn with jeans and a shirt. It will give you a girly look. Feather Earrings can also be a simple gift for women since women love girly items. On the other side, it is not too expensive.

No to belly fat!

Can you still buckle up your belt? Does it still fit your tummy? Even if your weight reads the same, you can still gain belly fat. As what I know, belly fats usually build around the tummy and sometimes on the thighs and hips. And too much belly fat can increase the chances of leading you to heart disease, cancer, and other

Since you want to fight or lose your belly fat, here are some ways that can help you:

1. Do simple activities that can make you move. Exercise, do jumping jack, run, etc. If you move, you make your heart rate faster, thus, it helps in your metabolism. In that way, you can burn excess fat in your tummy.

Walking in high heels

Walking in high heeled shoes is somehow a difficult thing to do specially when you are not used of wearing it. Walking perfectly in high heels is achieved through learning by practice. Here are some steps that can help you learn how:

Start from small heels
-Start wearing 2-3 inches low heeled shoes - the one with thick heels. A pair of boots with cone heels would be good.

-Then, train yourself to use kitten heeled shoes. Kitten heeled are best to use when you are learning to maintain your balance while walking.