No to belly fat!

Can you still buckle up your belt? Does it still fit your tummy? Even if your weight reads the same, you can still gain belly fat. As what I know, belly fats usually build around the tummy and sometimes on the thighs and hips. And too much belly fat can increase the chances of leading you to heart disease, cancer, and other

Since you want to fight or lose your belly fat, here are some ways that can help you:

1. Do simple activities that can make you move. Exercise, do jumping jack, run, etc. If you move, you make your heart rate faster, thus, it helps in your metabolism. In that way, you can burn excess fat in your tummy.

2. Minimize eating foods with too much trans fat intake.
According to what I've read, trans fats are "the biggest food-processing disaster in US history". Trans fat foods will not just make your tummy fat, it will also lead you to certain diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, immune dysfunction, obesity, and reproductive problems.

Vegetables such as Onion, fried onion, onion rings; potatoes, cheese fries, fried seafood, fried chicken, and fish are some of the trans fat horrors.

3. Drink plenty of water instead of soda.
Sodas have plenty of sugar that it can contribute in adding extra calories. Replace it with water. It is calorie-free and can make your stomach fill up, it makes you not to eat too much. Because rice can also cause you to add extra calories, try eating vegetables and viand only instead of rice.

4.Eat yogurt
Yogurt is a low fat food that helps reduce belly build up. It can also contribute in maintaining healthy bones and muscles-a good source of calcium like milk.

5. Exercise in a stability ball.
It's not a hard thing to do. Lie on your stomach and slowly walk yourself forward.

March 15, 2010

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