Six Items Every Man Should Buy Right Now

Is It Necessary?

Given the amount of money that is spent on fashion, and how much of that is on items similar or the same as what we already own, having six key items means that you can then buy unique clothes to build outfit ideas around your central garments. The six items we will describe are supposed to be a starting point for your outfit ideas, not the only six things in your wardrobe!

The Shirt

Vintage is one of the key looks, and is certain to be throughout the next few years. With that in mind, you can invest in a good quality chambray shirt, with pocket and stitch detail if possible to really get the authentic look. If those fail to catch your eye, then an old school Oxford shirt from a store such as Topman will play the part equally well. Remember, if you are looking for true men’s style then the vintage look is better with the clothes well worn in.

The T-Shirt

With pastel colours being all the rage this summer, get yourself a simple, block colour t-shirt, either one colour or with two or three stripes. These are relatively cheap so if you need to get more than one, do so. Just make sure they are different!