Walking in high heels

Walking in high heeled shoes is somehow a difficult thing to do specially when you are not used of wearing it. Walking perfectly in high heels is achieved through learning by practice. Here are some steps that can help you learn how:

Start from small heels
-Start wearing 2-3 inches low heeled shoes - the one with thick heels. A pair of boots with cone heels would be good.

-Then, train yourself to use kitten heeled shoes. Kitten heeled are best to use when you are learning to maintain your balance while walking.

-Also try wedge heels. It will give you increased balance as it occupies the entire space under the arch and heel portions of the foot. Wedge heels are not difficult to practice.

-Then after that try wearing the highest heels ever - the stilettos! If you train yourself balance and just be used of wearing it, you'll see someday that you can walk with stilettos!

Remember to choose your shoes carefully. If you would start with wearing high heels and you still wear it even though you know that it's too high for you, what will happen is, you will end up walking with your knees bent forward. So be sure not to bend your knees.

After walking for long minutes, give your feet a break. Give your feet a time to rest. Indulge in a delicious, cold lime juice that will keep you relaxed. Then get back to practicing!

March 12, 2010

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