Socks & stockings: "In" for babies & children

Us, girls, want to look sexy and be in the latest trends of fashion. But we don't know that babies and children want to be in fashion, too. If talking about baby fashion, socks and stockings are one of the ideas about being fashionable. Socks and stockings are one of the cheapest fashion outfits. High knee socks are usually worn by children and babies in attending the mass, in strolling the mall, going to parties, and even at home.

Socks are needed for it is not just for fashion but also for the protection of the baby's feet. Socks can be short or long, which are mostly worn by babies. Since babies are learning to walk, shoes and socks are used by them. As a mom, you, too, surely you would like your baby to look cute and "in" in babies' fashion, why not buy him/her a cute pair of shoes and socks? For a boy, a rubber shoes and color blue, black or red socks are the most trendy. And for girls, a cute pair of doll shoes and a pink, white, or lavender socks is the best for them.

On the other side, the children like stockings & tights. We all know that ballet is also one of the activities a girl may want to learn and we all know that stockings and tights are worn in it. So definitely, children loves to wear stockings and tights. It can be worn with dresses or even shirts and skirts. It would make your child look stylish and fashionable.

March 10, 2010

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