Work Wardrobe for a fashionable look

Work wardrobe as everyday outfit is not that easy to put on style specially if you have only limited knowledge about fashion. Don't worry about it. Don't you know that there are many styles to you can do with several outfits? Brighten up your day and let others see and forget about what you wore yesterday or the other day. With these styles, no wonder that how you look today can be different on the other days.

- Wear a professional dress. Dress is a single outfit and it needs styling. Wear a crystal or gold colored belt and put it slightly above the waist. A wide belt or a thin belt will both look well with the dress. Make sure that the color of the belt will not contrast the color of the dress. I prefer wearing black or white belt or a belt with the same color of the shoes.

Also add a jewelry for that complete look. A long necklace with crystal beads is a best styling outfit for the dress.

- Wear skirt or slacks with the professional blouse with a collar. You can chose from a high waist slacks or skirt. Wear high heeled shoes or even a simple black shoes. Tie your hair with a ponytail. Wear earrings preferably, pearl earrings or earrings with big crystals. That is now a complete office look.

- A simple sleeveless or spaghetti strap blouse with blazer or a professional jacket partnered with slacks is perfect as an office look. A slacks that looks like baston but fits a little loose in the lower part of the body. Just add necklace or bracelet that will add professional look for your outfit. So choose the jewelry wisely.

- Long sleeves and skirt or slacks is also good for a professional office look. Long sleeved blouse ( the best color is white) with a long necklace or is also considered as a formal outfit.

Those are just several outfits that you can wear at the office, specially on Mondays or Tuesdays. Semi formal dresses are worn on Wednesdays and Thursdays and on Fridays, wear jeans and simple outfits.

Additional information: For that professional look, stand up straight. Be sure that you have a clean outfit especially if it is white. Walk straight. Wear a light makeup to avoid stressed look. If you are sleepy, don't yawn (read articles on how to avoid sleepiness). Try to eat candies.

March 18, 2010

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