Pretty for Prom

For us, women, putting an ensemble together is a much celebrated ritual that demands style, creativity, and some cash of course. And so, to have an “attire” that is both beautifully designed and budget friendly, definitely makes the life of any fashion enthusiast, a little bit easier and a lot more glamorous. - Atavio Couture

Want to look glamorous in a prom night? Here are things to consider in preparing for your prom:

Tip#1: Shop as early as you can

I was invited to attend the prom before, when I was in high school. At first, I didn't worried about what to wear on that day. Until, only 1 day before the prom, I started to panic because I still haven't found the formal gown that I like. Yeah, I found the dress. I got home late and it made me tired. TSK!

You don't want that to happen to you, right? So shop early!

Tip#2: Buy a gown that will fit your body

Be sure to fit the gown before buying it. It is important that it would fit your size. If not, you're just wasting money. And at the end, you will look unprepared. Or maybe, you want it to be altered? Alteration of the gown will spend a lot of money. I'm sure, you would not want to spend more, right?

Tip#3: Complement the makeup with your gown
Wear a makeup that will complement the color of your gown. Ask your makeup artist about that. I'm sure they will consider first the color of the gown before applying the makeup.

November 7, 2009

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