Jewelries are Forever!

When I was a child, I am very kikay. That's why I am happy when I buy accessories. Of course, that time, I have no job yet because I am just 5 years old, so what I did is bought accessories which are sold in sari sari stores worth P5.00. Necklaces and bracelets often comes with candies, that made me happier.

Now that I am old enough, I know how to buy accessories that will match my skin tone. What I do is looked at the mirror to check what piece of jewelry suits me, if it's gold or silver. And I found out that my skin looks more vibrant in gold.

All of us has different skin tones. Before, I saw my Tita wearing a gold wedding jewelry - a necklace, on her wedding. She looked elegant with that necklace. On the other side, my sister's skin tone looks best when she wears a silver necklace. Necklaces should be worn depending on the type of skin tone.

November 4, 2009

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  1. I buy a lot of my jewelry from forever 21...however it always tends to fade. I just bought a gold necklace from there yesterday and i would like to keep it that color. What should i do?

    Buy a jewelry cleaner. Clean and wash your jewelry with the cleaner regularly so that it will not fade. Some jewelry stores also have free jewelry cleaning. Bring it to them.

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