Makeover for Dads

Our Dad is the most important "guy" for us, daughters. We know how they sacrificed for us, works for us, takes care of us, guides us, and loves us. Let's thank them by just doing this simple thing. Give them a makeover.

1. Take him for a haircut. Yeah, Dads are very busy that they do not have time for a haircut. Go with him to a barbershop and tell the hair stylist to give him the best look.

2. Give him a gift. Surprise him with a grooming kit with items like comb, nail cutter, mustache shave, gel, perfume, and towel. This will improve his personal grooming.

3. Treat him for a lunch. Go to your favorite restaurant and order his favorite foods. Enjoy your food while talking things about life.

4. Buy him a new pair of shoes. Give him something he can use in the office. I suggest to give him a pair of shoes. I'm sure he would like it. As what I've observed, my dad do not want accessories. That's why he only spend his money on clothes and shoes.

Shoes by Brian - Tenorio These adorable men’s shoes are made up of one piece of suede leather that is stitched once at its back. Brian has developed a way of not putting lining and forming agents to the skins. “What you have then are pairs that will mold to your feet’s contour, pairs that can be flattened completely when not worn (except for its rubber sole parts).” This is a huge spin from Brian’s usual black and neutral toned men’s footwear.

Thank him with by doing this simple things. I'm sure this will make him feel loved and special.

November 9, 2009

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