Thin Hair Solutions

Thin hair are some issues that are faced by some men and women. Mostly, it is caused by aging or maybe naturally and genetically, it is thin.

Hairstyles can somehow be a solution for thin hair. There are those hairstyles that can help in giving shape and structure to make it full and flowing.

Here are hairstyles for men and women

-For men, the best hairstyle that will make hair thicker is a very short cut. I have read many articles prior to this topic and I have seen men with thin hair who had their hair cut short. I can see the improvement. It really made their hair thicker and healthy looking.

-For women, short hair styles such as layered hair will best keep the it from being thin. Layered hairstyle will give the hair a thicker and fuller appearance. Also clip hair at the back of the ears. That will make a "circle" look hair and will keep hair altogether in the sides, thus giving hair a full look.

Eating right may be the best solution in achieving a healthy hair. Drinking a lot of water will absolutely help, too.

Use a shampoo that will give your hair a bouncy and thicker look.

January 26, 2010

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