Tips on choosing the perfect hair color for you!

Picking the right hair color is sometimes not that easy to some people specially those who are not hairstylists. So here are some helpful and do it yourself tips in picking and applying the perfect color for your hair.

Red Hair Color
Red is a nice hair color. There are many kinds of of it. And you can't almost see the red color. Some of its kinds are Light strawberry blonde, Bright copper red, Dark copper red, Neutral copper red, Light auburn red, Auburn red, Dark auburn red. Almost all of this hair colors are suitable for white or fair toned skin. Dark copper red and Bright copper red are very dark, so be sure if you would like to wear this color. Think twice.

Brown Hair Color

Chocolate Brown Hair Color, Mocha brown hair color and caramel or honey highlights are some of the popular hair colors used by many. Chocolate shades with warm red shades are best for white skin. Chocolate colored hair with no other color shades is very nice. It just looks like black with a mix of dark brown color.

Blonde Hair Color

The most used blonde colors are Ash blonde hair color, Yellowish-blonde hair color, Neutral slightly golden blonde, Golden blonde with light blonde highlights, Sandy blonde hair color, Multi-tonal blonde. These are blonde colors with other color shades such as brown, and gold brown. Platinum blonde hair color is almost white, with no other shades. It is best for white people.

The most important thing to consider in hair coloring is the color of the hair must compliment your skin. And sometimes, it is better if the eyebrows would also be tinted.

January 28, 2010

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