Wow Wow Wigs!

Let's bring back the history of wigs.

According to what I've read from an Internet source, wigs were first worn in the ancient times in Egypt. It is commonly used by French people. Wigs are made of human hair or sometimes, horses and goats' hair. They wore it as a form of dress and as a part of their traditional costumes. They wore wigs to shield their bald and hairless heads from the heat of the sun and also to improve their personal appearance. Men, like King Louis XIII and King Louis XIV of France wore long wigs. As what I've observed here in Philippines, bald men usually use short haired wigs while women use long or short haired wigs.

Many kinds of people use wigs. They are the:

* Kings and Queens. Wigs indicates their status and role in society or politics. Wigs are adorned with braids, gold, hair rings, and ivory ornaments. The more ornamented the wig was, the higher the social rank and status.

* Actors and Actresses. They wear wigs to portray their characters more effectively.

* Sick People. Cancer patients, radiation treated & chemo "therapied" patients suffer from extreme hair loss. They use wigs to hide bald heads.

* Fashion People. They use wigs to be more fashionable and stylish.

Some people wear it just for fun like in costume parties and Halloween events, in malls. Sometimes they just like wearing it. I know someone who wears wig while eating pizza. Just joking!

There are so many wig colors and styles that we can choose from. Some are curly, straight, black, blonde. It depends upon us on what ideal wig will improve our appearance. Wow! Wigs are very useful.

January 13, 2010

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  1. Its quite useful for nor not only solving your hair loss problem but to fit into all the latest trends it will help you to get the trendy look as well.

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