For Him: Dress Up Outfit

Men are a lot easier to dress up compared to women. Men's fashion is far beyond simpler than women. Hey, Gentlemen, learn how to dress up simply yet suitable in occasions specially this Valentine's Day. These are only few tips but somehow helpful.

Business Wardrobe. Business Suit and Tuxedo are worn by professionals in business trips, office shows and office meetings. It is commonly a white long sleeves corporate attire and a black suit worn with black slacks and black shoes. A gray or black or silver necktie will suit the white long sleeves.

Office Attire. Semi formal attire such as polo shirts or long sleeves are the commonly used by men. It is paired with slacks and black shoes, sometimes, with a neck tie.

Beach Wear. A simple Shirt and Shorts is best to wear in beach. Pair it with flip flops or slippers.

Semi Formal Attire. Pants and Polo Shirt is a best suggestion.

Everyday Attire. Simple everyday attire such as White Shirt and Pants paired with rubber shoes is a good suggestion.

Friday or Wash Day Clothes. Pants and Fashionable Shirts paired with rubber shoes and accessories such as shades or hat is worn on Fridays.

February 8, 2010

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