Lipstick Colors

There are many colors of lipsticks. We often see it in Avon Brochures and Beauty Magazines. When we see lipsticks sometimes, we are undecided of what color would fit our lips. So to make it easy, I decided to write a blog regarding choosing a lipstick that will suit your lips and skin tone.

Choose a lipstick that is almost alike with the color of your lip. Stick from your lip's color. With a dark skin tone, use a deep red color, light lipsticks like light brown, beige, nude, pink, orange, or light red complements a light skin tone. Nude lipstick, brown red is good to look at tan skin tone.

Lipstick colors should be lighter at day and darker at night. Also use a sheer lipstick in daytime or a lip gloss.

Choose a lip liner which is darker that the lipstick you are using. But it should be in the same color family.

Put on the lipstick first before applying the lip liner. Shape your lips and be careful not to pass beyond the lip line and mess up.

When eating foods such as donuts, chips, and also when drinking, be careful while chewing/drinking so that the lipstick would not be erased. Sometimes the inner part of the lips with lipstick are erased when eating so don't forget to retouch.

February 18, 2010

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