Women's Bag: A Perfect Gift for the Valentine Season

Valentines Day is coming. If you are looking for a perfect and unique gift for your loved one, maybe bag is one of the best choices. Bag completes the outfit of a woman. It is one of the essential things women need. It serves as a container because it keeps personal belongings and the important things needed.

Here are some kinds of bags:

Hand Bag - A small bag. It's strap is just large enough to be carried by hand. It a bag wherein you can keep personal items such as lipstick, makeup, etc. and small gadgets such as cellphone, camera, and other small things.

Shoulder Bag - A bag that also has a long strap and is worn over one shoulder.

Purses - A very small bag wherein you can only put important items such as money, cellphone, makeup items, and other small things. It is carried by hand and has no strap.

Cross Body - Sometimes called "Body Bag". It has a long strap and is worn going over the head, diagonally across the body.

Tote Bag - a large handbag or purse that can carry several items like books, and other things. It can carry many things. It is very stylish and durable.

Travel Bag - is a large bag used as a container for shirts, dresses, shoes, etc. It is used in travelling.

Backpack - Can also be used in traveling but can only hold a less number of items compared to a travel bag. Also known as "school bag".

February 2, 2010

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