Beautiful Curly Hair Style

Curly Hair is beautiful. Imagine the hair of Taylor Swift? You really want it! Me too! Curly Hair is really stylish even though it looks messy. How to do it? Here are tips:

Curly party style for long hair
Use a curling spray. Spray it about 2-3 inches of your hair. Then curl it with a curler. For small curls, use small curlers and for big curls, use big curlers. It is safer to use than a curling iron. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and see the results. Do not comb your hair after. If you want to comb your hair, use your fingers. If you want to add style and hair design, use a pin or headband.

Party hair style for short hair (mid-length)
Use a curling spray. Spray it about 1-2 inches of your hair. Then curl your hair outwards. Use small curlers. Curl the bangs, the front and side of the hair and the back outwards. For added style, use pins or headband or go into a retro look.

Hair style for parties for short hair (super short)
Use a curling spray. Spray the ends of your hair. use a big curler and curl your hair inwards. For a girly look, use a thin crystal headband or a pin.

Now, yo
u are ready to flaunt your hairstyle. Enjoy the party and grab your favorite food and milkshake!

March 5, 2010

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