Beauty Make Up - Tips and Techniques in applying makeup

Looking for a way to change your old look? Freshen up with this new make up style that will complement your personality. To look natural, try using pink or light pink shades.

Eye Makeup:

First Prepare the things you'll need:
* Eye shadow base
* Pink eyeshadow
* Eyeliner
* Eyelash curler
* Mascara

First, apply your eye shadow base, preferably golden bronze or golden brown color. Then use a soft shade of brown eye pencil to line the top of the lashes. Then apply the pink eyeshadow for it to blend with the eye shadow base. Put a black eye liner then curl your eye lashes using the eye lash curler. Last step is to put a mascara. This will enhance the color of the eye. Defined eye lashes give you a more elegant look.

Cheek color: Use a wide brush. I suggest to use a peach blush on. Apply it to the cheekbone horizontally moving toward the top of the ear.

Lip color: Put on a rosy pink lipstick.

November 18, 2009

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