Accessorize your cheap dresses for a more glamorous look.

Wearing cheap prized dress? You, must not look cheap! Solutions? Yeah! Accessorize your dress!

Since dresses come with different colors, choose the best that will suit with the occasion. Also, choose a dress that will best fit your size and body. To be fit is to have a healthy body. Now, I'll give you some examples of how to accessorize your dress.

With a bright red dress (almost orange in color), a long necklace with combination colors of blue, orange and green circle beads are the best. Just be sure to wear shoes with the same color - red too.

With a black disco dress, wear a combination of silver and black rectangle beaded necklace.

With a yellow rock dress, wear a combination of light blue, green, orange, pink, and gray long beaded necklaces.

With a pink dress, wear a combination of pink and bronze beaded necklaces and another pink pendant silver laced necklace.

With a brown dress, wear also a long brown necklace with a small pendant.

Multi-colored bracelets are never out of style when worn with dresses. With all these dress colors, you can wear multi-colored bracelets.

Now you've got a glamorous, "not cheap" style that stands out!

January 19, 2010

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