Swimsuit Season!

Say goodbye to winter for summer is coming it's way. Being gorgeous in swimsuit is the best look you can have if you will check out this tips:

Prepare for this day.

If you want to look gorgeous, you must look sexy. To achieve the sexiness, be in a diet. Eat smart. Eat protein rich foods such as lean meat. Avoid sweets. Drink plenty of fruit juices and water. Exercise. Have a balanced diet or just see the food pyramid.

Show off your skin.

Whether tan or white, what is important is the soft and smooth skin. You should show and bare that silky and "light glowed" skin. Put on that swimsuit and show them what you've got! Don't forget the sunscreen lotion!

Choose your swimsuit color wisely.

Choose the swimsuit that will complement with your skin color. Not only the color, it should fit you well. Wear cute accessories such as shell earrings and necklace.

Now you look good! Show them the celebrity swimsuit look!

January 15, 2010

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