My Top 3 Gown Styles

Gowns are woman's best dresses. It is worn only for a few times. Sometimes for bridal occasions, ball, parade, etc. I had experienced going to a ball twice, and my favorite gown styles are:

-Off Shoulder Gowns
Shoulders are one of the attractive parts of a woman's body. Showing the upper parts of the body like the shoulders, back, and cleavage part is sexy. It is a great look for all with pretty shoulders, specially if you have clear and white skin. Tie up your hair to expose your shoulders.

Add spark by wearing a necklace and dangling earrings.

-Strapless Gowns
Strapless gowns are just the same as off shoulder gowns. It is more sexier since it is more daring than off shoulder gowns. It is a long dress which sometimes shows off the cleavage. It is commonly worn by brides. A necklace or will perfectly suit the dress.

What is more important is a healthy body and skin. To look good in gowns, take care of your skin. And to achieve healthy skin and body, eat foods that are nutritional and safe for your health.

February 15, 2010

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