Valentine's Day Looks

2010 started with the New Year last January. And today, for the month of February, another day for celebration for the Hearts Day. It's Valentine's Day, a day of love whatever the status is: single, married, or in a relationship. If you plan on celebrating the day with a date, whether lunch, dinner, or a special breakfast, try to make your look special. Here are ways:

Date in a Luxurious Restaurant
If you are going out on a nice restaurant, try to wear something like a formal dress: a black or a red silk dress. A sandals with high heels will perfectly fit the dress.

Now you're ready with the dress, let's get into the look, for long and short hair, curls are best for it will give you a simple yet classy hair do.

For the makeup, smoky eyes, peach blush on, and nude lips are the best. Or a combination of gray, silver and black eye shadow, pink blush on the cheek and red lipstick looks very glamorous.

Going out in Clubs
Wear black skinny jeans and flowy and ruffled sleeveless
white blouse. Wear accessories with different colors. A high heeled boots will perfectly fit the outfit.

With the makeup, wear light makeup with smoky eyes. With the hair, a simple curly hair or straight hair is suitable in the outfit and the occasion.

Movie Theater, Lunch or Dinner
Mini Skirts and Long Sleeve Blouse is a nice pair. Bag and Accessories is right for the outfit. A cute sandals or boots will make the outfit simply pretty.

For the makeup, smoky eyes, pink blush on and nude lips will make you look simple. Try the hair do of curls, ponytail or hair with bangs.

Now you have the look that every girl will be envy of.

February 12, 2010

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